Frequently asked questions, and our best answers.

Is Our House a hospice?

No, although the Our House program has the ability to provide end of life care, it is not specifically a hospice.

How is a person admitted to one of your programs?

Click on a program to view the criteria for participation/admission:

What role do volunteers play in your organization?

Our approximately 170 volunteers are at the heart of our organization and community. They provide services including cooking, laundry, facility maintenance tasks, reception, gardening, massage, spiritual consultation, personal care, and companionship.

What is the difference between ‘Our House’ and ‘Our House of Portland’?

‘Our House of Portland’ is the official name of our organization. We run four programs for serving low-income people living with HIV.

‘Our House’ is one of our programs. It is our 24-hour specialized care facility located in Portland, Oregon. Our House has the capacity to serve 14 residents living with HIV.



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