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May 08, 2018
Meet our new Deputy Director

Our House is pleased to announce the hiring of Lisa Watson (she/her/hers) as our new Deputy Director. Lisa is a native Oregonian and has lived in Portland for over 30 years. She is well-known and respected throughout our community for her intelligence, experience, caring spirit, warm personality, and dedication to improving the lives of others.

Her previous experience includes time at Kaiser Permanente in the Professional Development department, owner and operator of Cupcake Jones for over a decade, and most recently she worked at the Latino Network as the Director of Development and Communications. Lisa earned her Bachelors in Sociology from Portland State University.

Lisa currently serves on the Wells Fargo Advisory Board, City Club of Portland Board of Governors, Tribal member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and was the most recent Co-Chair of the Our House Annual Gala.

Please join us in welcoming Lisa. She can be reached at 503-595-6126 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


May 01, 2018
Volunteer of the Month - Ed Cunningham

Dinner Cook
Volunteer since March 2015

What drew you to volunteer at Our House?
I began volunteering many years ago by covering the breakfast shift on Saturday mornings when friends Kathleen and Nora were out of town. I love to cook, so it was easy for me to make a contribution by cooking for others.

My original connection with OHOP was through my husband Jeff Fisher who did design work for Our House, and Brook Hunter who was the Development Director many moons ago.

What is your favorite aspect of volunteering?
Cooking is my creative outlet, so volunteering as a cook is a way for me to be creative while supporting others. It’s a win-win.

Those of us who volunteer as cooks are SPOILED. I really appreciate all of the support from the staff and volunteers who enable me to show up and do what I do best. No shopping needed, and there’s always someone to help serve and clean up. I feel very lucky to be connected with this group, and have made some good friends at Our House.

What do you do other than your volunteer gig?
I manage a law firm (aka herd cats). I work with great people, so while it’s stressful at times, I still enjoy what I do.

What is something about you that would surprise others?
I’m more of an introvert than people think. I’m the sort of person who is most comfortable in the corner, watching other people interact.


Mar 01, 2018
Volunteer of the Month - Cole Miner

Tod’s Corner & Esther’s Pantry
Volunteer since November 2016

What drew you to volunteer at Our House?
After being a client for several years and knowing its powerful affect first hand, I took the opportunity to give back and really fall in love with volunteering for Our House.

What is your favorite aspect of volunteering?
I really love interacting with the community in a service aspect and connecting clients with items they need and will find comfort in using in their lives. Being able to volunteers at Esther’s and Tod’s is my biggest source of pride in my life right now.

What do you do other than your volunteer gig?
Outside of volunteering, I enjoy writing fairy tales, and other various art forms. I continue to work with people in sex education with a focus on kink & leather. I also enjoy watching movies and shows, as well as staying in shape by hiking and working out with my boyfriend.

What is something about you that would surprise others?
I tend to leave a lot on the table, but most people are surprised to hear that I have several gold medals in running, including one from the Chicago Gay Games.



Feb 01, 2018
Volunteer of the Month - Jo Hamilton

Lunch cook
Volunteer since April of 2004

What drew you to volunteer at Our House?
I had been through a hard time in 2003, dealing with illness back in the UK, so I made a pact with myself that if everything worked out and I made it back to Portland, I would do something to give back to others.  My goal was to try to repay the good things that had happened to me.  I had seen a mention one time of Our House on OPB and made a note of it, so as soon as I was back and settled with a job and a place to live, I called and made an appointment with Kathryn, which was almost 14 years ago now.

What is your favorite aspect of volunteering?
I really love cooking for people and making the residents happy and healthy with food.

What do you do other than your volunteer gig?
I’m a full-time artist, working with crocheted yarn, and I’ve made a couple of portraits of Our House residents and one volunteer so far.  I plan to keep working on this as a continuing series, along with my other art.  I also love gardening and have been working over the last couple of years on landscaping my (formerly empty) yard from scratch.

What is something about you that would surprise others?
I am ambidextrous:  I write, draw and paint left-handed, and crochet right-handed.


Dec 29, 2017
Volunteer of the Month - Suzanne and Anna

Dinner Cooks
Volunteers since 2013

What drew you to volunteer at Our House?
Anna and I knew of Our House and its mission for several years and looked forward to volunteering as we drew closer to retirement. When the opportunity was presented for us to cook, we jumped on board with excitement!

What is your favorite aspect of volunteering?
We love to prepare meals for and spend time with the residents, staff, and volunteers at Our House. We also enjoy helping with special events, such as the gala and other fundraising dinners and parties. We cherish friendships that have developed as an added benefit.

What do you do other than your volunteer gig?
Due to Suzanne’s wanderlust, we enjoy traveling, especially when we are able to exchange homes with others, both international and domestic. Anna enjoys exploring new recipes and adding new culinary skills to her repertoire. Suzanne enjoys reading, music and visual arts, and spending time in nature. They have a dog named Sophie who stole their hearts 7 years ago when they rescued her.

What is something about you that would surprise others?
Anna, who is terribly afraid of heights loves hot-air ballooning. Go figure! As a child, Suzanne wanted a dollhouse. Finally, over 50 years later, she has acquired a well-loved one from a family who was ready to pass it on. They look forward to refurnishing it as a shared retirement hobby.


Nov 03, 2017
Volunteer of the Month - Alan Koch

Therapy Dog Team
Volunteer since 1994

What drew you to Our House?
Like many people, I was drawn years ago to the work of AIDS organizations as more and more friends and acquaintances died in the rush of the epidemic in the 80’s and 90’s. Our House was an early leader in working with acute-care HIV patients and I was impressed with what I heard about the compassion and dignity they were offering along with medical care. So in 1994 I started volunteering as a cook with helpers from First Congregational Church.  We quickly grew to appreciate that each time we took a seat with the residents for dinner, we sat down with some pretty brave and inspiring people. And I wondered as I left Our House each time, “Who was serving whom”?

What’s your favorite aspect of volunteering?
After cooking for about 11 years, I took some time off before returning in a new volunteer role. During those years, my dog Maggie and I trained as a Pet Partners therapy team, so I could do a different kind of one-on-one work with residents.  Each Monday, when we visit residents, Maggie can count on getting her chest scratched and I can count on the morning’s conversation unfolding in almost any direction.  We also encourage residents to take walks in the community, and most recently started a meditation group.  Many times, through the year, Maggie and I sat with residents at the end of life. We did nothing extraordinary. Maggie curled up on the bed. I may have held a hand. Sometimes there was conversation, but often just silence. They were not easy spaces, but where we wanted to be to honor some courageous people we had known all too briefly. There is nothing we do that we do alone.  We are surrounded by staff who are consistently compassionate, joyful and smart.  We simply follow their cues and their lead. We get insights, we get direction, we get encouragement and we get thanked. Maggie and I keep coming back. It’s not for the “thank you,” but for the remarkable community Our House has created and the tiny place we have found in it.

What do you like to do besides volunteering?
I enjoy personal writing and spending time in nature, especially the Northwest and the deserts of the Southwest. Both connect with something deeper inside me.

What is something about you that would surprise others?
I grew up in a tiny farming community in Iowa, with a giant claim to being the “popcorn Capital of the World.’ So I love popcorn.


Oct 10, 2017
Dress for Success Empowerment Breakfast

Our good friends at Wells Fargo kindly hosted Our House at the Dress for Success Empowerment Breakfast earlier this month. This event draws together business, civic and social leaders to focus on the struggles women in our community face when they are unemployed, underemployed or struggling to regain employment. We truly appreciate all the incredible support Wells Fargo provides for Our House and the greater community!


Sep 27, 2017
Coalition of Oregon HIV Community Organizations

As you know, there has been a lot of uncertainty in recent months about funding for health care, particularly at the national level. Threats of budget cuts for health care and prevention programs, attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and other actions are causing worry among people living with HIV/AIDS who access these federally funded programs and services so they can stay healthy and vibrant.

We want to assure you that efforts are under way to protect existing programs and funding, and minimize the effects of these threats to health care services that protect the lives and well-being of Oregonians. To that end, we the undersigned organizations, which have a long history of collaboration, have formed the Coalition of Oregon HIV Community Organizations. The coalition meets regularly to monitor policy changes and collaborate on ways to preserve and protect access to health care and services for people in Oregon living with HIV/AIDS. We encourage you to contact any of the coalition member organizations if you have any questions.

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