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Dec 29, 2017
Volunteer of the Month - Suzanne and Anna

Dinner Cooks
Volunteers since 2013

What drew you to volunteer at Our House?
Anna and I knew of Our House and its mission for several years and looked forward to volunteering as we drew closer to retirement. When the opportunity was presented for us to cook, we jumped on board with excitement!

What is your favorite aspect of volunteering?
We love to prepare meals for and spend time with the residents, staff, and volunteers at Our House. We also enjoy helping with special events, such as the gala and other fundraising dinners and parties. We cherish friendships that have developed as an added benefit.

What do you do other than your volunteer gig?
Due to Suzanne’s wanderlust, we enjoy traveling, especially when we are able to exchange homes with others, both international and domestic. Anna enjoys exploring new recipes and adding new culinary skills to her repertoire. Suzanne enjoys reading, music and visual arts, and spending time in nature. They have a dog named Sophie who stole their hearts 7 years ago when they rescued her.

What is something about you that would surprise others?
Anna, who is terribly afraid of heights loves hot-air ballooning. Go figure! As a child, Suzanne wanted a dollhouse. Finally, over 50 years later, she has acquired a well-loved one from a family who was ready to pass it on. They look forward to refurnishing it as a shared retirement hobby.



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