Admissions - Our House

Our House Admission Criteria

  1. HIV and
  2. Evidence of no communicable TB and
  3. The need for a nurse 24 hours as evidenced by any one of the following:
    • Repeated hospitalizations/ER visits within the past 3 months
    • Inability to manage complex medication regime
    • Change of condition resulting in new or deteriorating ADL deficits
    • Complex care plan due to unstable condition/symptoms
    • Uncontrolled pain or other symptoms (fatigue, nausea, etc…)
    • Unexplained weight loss or gain
    • Severe dementia or behavioral issues that contribute to decreased management of any of the above issues
    • Insurance coverage:  Medicaid eligibility or private insurance that will contract for needed services
    • Method of payment for Room and Board
  4. Must meet income restrictions under Our House funding agreements.

Other assessment considerations for Our House include:

  • History of behavior that may jeopardize the safety and comfort of current residents
  • Psychiatric instability and resulting behaviors that are not able to be managed by Our House staff
  • Current and history of violent/disruptive behaviors related to substance use—-assessment includes ability/willingness to participate in care plan


Resident Selection Process

Our House manages a wait list. Referrals are taken by the Director of Social Services. The following information is obtained: demographics, income and insurance verification, provider’s names, general medical issues, mental health and addiction needs, living situation, level of functioning with activities of daily living, history of criminal/violent behavior, and how medical care needs are being met. While Our House acknowledges the chronological order in which people are referred and put on the wait list, priority may be given to someone who has acute medical needs with no appropriate care being delivered in current living situation. Priority may be given to someone with low income and access to fewer resources. Selection may also be determined by the Our House nursing staff’s ability to manage a person’s level of care. Our House does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, age, heritage, national origin, political ideology, religion, or creed.

Pre-Admission Assessment

If a person is determined clinically appropriate for admission, then a pre-admission assessment will be arranged.  Pre-admission assessments are done with the person by a social worker and nurse.  This may happen at the facility, or offsite at the hospital, a person’s home, etc. Occupational therapy is consulted as well as prior caregivers, primary care physician,  and disability case manager. The assessment includes current and past medical history, combined with mental health and substance use assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether the person’s care needs can be met by the facility.  At this time the person is required to provide signature indicating receipt and understanding of the following:

  • Room and Board obligations
  • Uniform Disclosure Policy
  • Participation in care:  There is expectation that residents participate in basic level of care
  • Medication management policy
  • Resident Rights Policy
  • A written copy will be placed in the chart upon admission

Within 24 hours of admission

Within 24 hours of admission, nursing and social work staff review the following policies and resident is required to provide signatures to indicate understanding

  • Our House Drug Alcohol, Weapon and Disruptive Behavior Agreement
  • Personal Possessions
  • Consent Form (for use of name and photograph—this is optional)
  • Privacy Practices
  • Notification Form (people to be notified in case of illness/death)
  • Orientation Book (ex:  fire safety and evacuation, grievance procedures, guest policy, pets, staff names and roles, cigarette smoking, activities and resident meeting, voluntary and involuntary move-out criteria)

Comprehensive pre-admission and admission assessments

Based on comprehensive pre-admission and admission assessments, the following may occur:

  • Behavior contract and/or care plan
  • Plan for recovery support
  • Immediate enrollment in mental health services
  • Advocacy by nursing staff with providers for symptom management regarding unstable health issues


Our House recognizes that people living with HIV may struggle with severe mental health and addiction problems that significantly impact their ability to qualify and receive appropriate housing and healthcare services.  Our House is committed to being tolerant and patient with people who are working through their long-term struggles with these issues. While flexibility is practiced whenever possible, staff use clinical discretion in considering involuntary move-out.  Involuntary move-out may be initiated based on the following circumstances:

  • Resident’s level of care exceeds that which can be offered at Our House
  • Resident is not physically present on site to utilize the services provided
  • Repeated, active substance use that results in behavior that substantially interferes with rights of other residents
  • Inappropriate behavior that repeatedly and/or significantly interferes with rights of other residents such that it becomes a danger to themselves or others
  • Non-payment of Room and Board with no willingness to participate in payment arrangements


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