Dinner Host Guidelines & Information

The following information will assist you in planning your dinner event and in completing the required information form.


For Public Dinners, we will send Google Maps directions to your guests as well as driving instructions. Please use the back of your sign up form to provide directions that we can forward to your dinner guests.

Speaker At Your Dinner

We have found it is valuable to have a speaker from Our House at all public and private dinners so guests can learn more about the work we do.  Speakers may be staff members or volunteers who speak briefly and are available to answer questions.

Marketing Your Dinner

Please make every effort to sell tickets to your dinner to your friends, family and colleagues.  Hosts are expected to help sell one quarter to half of the seats.  If you would like Our House to send catalogs to your contacts, please call the Events Line at (503) 736-9276 and we’ll be happy to mail them out.

Hosts Bear the Cost

Dinner Series Hosts pay for all costs associated with public and private dinners.  This allows all the revenue generated by Dinner at My House for Our House to go to providing vital services for people in our community living with HIV/AIDS.  (However, your dinner costs may be tax deductible depending on your tax situation.  After your dinner, we can provide you with a form to detail your dinner expenses, and we will gladly issue you a receipt letter for your use at tax time.  Please consult your tax advisor about whether this deduction will be available to you.)

Host Sign Up Form

If you’d like to host a dinner, please print and complete the Host Sign Up Form, and send to Our House.  It is not necessary to have your exact menu determined at the time submitting your host form, however, we have found that guests respond best to descriptions that describe the food that will be served.  Please try to provide as much detail as possible.  The Event Coordinator will work with you to set a date for your dinner – we try to spread the dinners out over the course of the Series from July through March.

Private Dinner

The names of Private dinner hosts are listed in the Dinner at My House for Our House catalog.  The host invites guests either by selling tickets or requesting donations.  Most hosts prefer to collect checks from their guests on the night of the dinner and then send them to Our House all at once.  We recommend a donation of $100 per guest.

Public Dinner

A Public dinner is advertised and described in detail in the Dinner at My House for Our House catalog, which is distributed to Our House supporters and donors in mid-June. Guests contact Our House to make a reservation and payment must be received to confirm a reservation.  Public dinners are available on a first come first served basis.  The Our House staff will work with you to determine the price of your public dinner ticket.  Dinner prices generally range from $85 to $150.


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