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Brian Wyman


Brian Wyman has lived in the Portland area since 2014, when he and his husband, Todd Palumbo, moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio.  They married a year after relocating to Portland, 14 years into their relationship.  Early in their relationship, Brian and Todd lost a very dear friend to complications related to HIV/AIDS.  This had had a huge impact in Brian’s life; he always wanted to join an organization, like Our House of Portland, where he could use his skills and experience to help achieve success in providing care and compassion to those in need.


Brian is a lawyer, licensed in Oregon, and also has an MBA and a Masters of IT.  He currently works remotely for Denali Sourcing Services out of Bellevue, Washington as a Senior Associate servicing clients both locally and in the San Francisco area.  His current line of work involves procuring software and other technology and negotiating related contracts for and on behalf of his clients.  Before this, Brian has had a long career with business and legal experience in such areas as toxic tort litigation representing clients in asbestos exposure claims, worker compensation claims, landlord/tenant law, and ultimately working for the office of the CIO handling technology compliance for Great American Insurance Company.


With the ever-changing culture and stigma of how people think of and feel about HIV/AIDS, especially those in younger generations that tend to be very dismissive of the disease, Brian has become increasingly more passionate about the mission of Our House of Portland.  Brian had served as the Chair to the Ambassador Counsel since its inception almost four years ago.  He has successfully led a team of young professional Ambassadors towards furthering the Our House mission by advocating and raising further funding for the organization.  The group has grown and is doing more and achieving more in year 2, paving the way for future leaders and new members who want to get involved.


Brian is looking forward to an opportunity to progress and be part of the Our House of Portland Board and to utilize his background, knowledge, and heart in working with all of you to continue making it one of Portland’s best known and successful care centers.