As colder weather sets in and the holiday season approaches, our Esther’s Pantry staff and volunteers are working hard to make sure our clients have access to fresh, healthy food and can feed themselves and their families throughout the winter months. These darker, colder months can be very isolating for our many clients who don’t have a network of friends and family on whom to rely. Visiting Esther’s Pantry is about more than the food; special friendships and relationships with volunteers and other clients help the world seem a little bit brighter for many who visit our pantry. This is what makes Esther’s Pantry so special and why it continues to grow and evolve.

I would think about the wonderful people there and make the trip. By providing so many of my life’s essentials, the generosity of Esther’s Pantry and Tod’s Corner has allowed me to focus my time, energy, and expertise into areas that hold my passion and benefit my communities. Thanks to the programs, I have been able to survive (and occasionally thrive)... I’ve been able to care for my body, my health, my mind, and my spirit in ways that I could not have done otherwise... When I create a gratitude list, the programs of Our House and the people who make them possible are always at the top of my list."

However, as you know, growth and success do not come without challenges. Esther’s Pantry is in dire need of a new refrigerated commercial truck. The current truck that is driven two and a half hours per day, four days per week has nearly 225,000 miles on it, and is no longer reliable for weekly functioning of our program. A refrigerated commercial truck is vital to the daily operations at Esther’s Pantry and our ability to continue providing our clients access to over 200 pounds of fresh food per week.

Thanks to a generous $10,000 grant from Clackamas County, we have secured half of the funds needed for a new truck, and are aiming for a 100% or higher match from our individual donors. Your end-of-year gift will help us reach this goal and sustain the incredible growth we are seeing at Esther’s Pantry. At a time when many food pantries are failing, Esther’s Pantry is thriving! In this season of celebration and abundance, we hope we can count on you to make a life-changing impact on our current and future clients. With your generosity, we will be able to purchase a reliable truck that will support Esther’s Pantry for many years to come. On behalf of our clients, staff, and volunteers, we thank you for your support along our ever-evolving journey to provide compassionate care and end suffering for individuals with HIV in Portland. 

A Note from an Esther's Pantry Client & Friend


"What inspires me to make the trek by bus (usually a five-hours-long affair) from where I live? Partly, it is the quality and quantity of food that is almost always available. I eat pretty healthfully, and there are almost always many options that work well for my evolving diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as high-quality grains and legumes. The biggest reason for my loyalty, however, is the staff... 



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