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2017 Annual Report

Welcome to Our House

Thank you for supporting Our House this past year. As you look through this Annual Report you’ll get a glimpse of the donors, volunteers, clients, and staff that make Our House an amazing place. Thank you to each and every one of you!


From the Executive Director

As Our House moves closer to its 30th anniversary in 2018, we naturally look back on the incredible journey we’ve taken to provide vital services for people living with HIV. At first, our attention was solely focused on end of life care, helping people with HIV die with dignity, surrounded by those who loved and cared for them. Then, as treatments improved and people began to live longer, our work shifted to helping residents move out of Our House and live independently, gain employment, connect with community services, provide supplemental food, help with vet bills for their companion pets, and much more.

Now we must look ahead and envision the future of HIV and what services will be needed. As we embark on this visioning process, we look at what might exist in services and how Our House can continue to provide a continuum of services for our clients that meets their needs. We also look at what we’ve learned over 30 years and how it might apply to other diseases, and how we can translate our expertise to help other vulnerable populations.

I’m truly proud to join this team and find ways to grow and expand our services. I believe this work is important and we are dedicated to providing services for people with HIV until they are no longer needed. To do that, we rely on you and the countless individuals who make Our House what it is.

Looking forward to our 30th anniversary and beyond,

Mary Rita Hurley signature
Mary Rita Hurley
Executive Director

Executive Director

Resident Profile - Teri

Certain residents make a big and long-lasting impact on the Our House community. Teri was one of those people who left such an impression on the staff and other residents. Her fierce desire for independence, warm smile, and caring nature were just a few of her endearing qualities.

Teri had a very long history with Our House. In 2008, she became one of the first clients in our Neighborhood Housing & Care Program (NHCP). She strived to maintain her independence, but after some time, she began to need additional help. She agreed to move to Swan House, which was an adult care home run by Our House. With the increased help and attention Swan House provided, Teri improved. She became strong enough to transition back to living independently and once again became an NHCP client - this time for nine years.

“We are so grateful to the staff at Our House for giving our beautiful mother such special, loving care.” – Teri’s daughters

With the support of her NHCP team Teri thrived living independently, even as her health fluctuated and she was diagnosed with new problems.

Two years ago, Teri began to decline both physically and cognitively. Her team began to talk to her about moving to Our House so she could receive the more intensive, round the clock care she needed. In March 2017 Teri was admitted to Our House.

The other residents immediately welcomed her and enjoyed spending time with Teri. The staff was happy to see her and pleased they could help her live out the rest of her life here. She came to Our House to spend her final days with people she knew well, in a home-like environment that was familiar and comfortable.


Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is a community of major donors who support Our House by making an annual, tax-deductible contribution of $1,000 or more.

$10,000 +

John Faubion and Warren Thomas
Barbara Ford
Gary Maffei and Marc Lintner

Estate of Jack Rickli

$5,000 +

Matt Bungo and Joe French
Robin Castro and John Halseth
Tracy Curtis and Rick Nagore
Bill Dickey
Nancy and Harv Fleming
Robert Goman
Earl Hines
Allan Karsk and Keith Berglund
Brenda and Jim Kehoe
Robert Lusk and Christopher Bailey
Gregg Macy and Eric Steinhauser

Gary Nelson and Minh Tran
Patti Norris, M.D. and Mark Schlesinger
Michael and Janelle O'Gara
Piper Park
Jim Parker
Scott Sarver and Tom Swafford
Nancy Sellers
Dustin Shanky and Reid Decker
Don Spiegel and Debbie Davis
Dave and Barbara Underriner
Rick Watkins and Les Lewis

$2,500 +

Anonymous (3)
George Allan
Bob Anderson
Michael Anderson and Debera Hickman
April Ard and Jennifer Longmore
Dr. Thomas Barreto OD and Brian Sinclair
Tricia and Ron Bergman
Kate and William Bowman
Barbara Bradshaw
Allen Brady and Bill Space
Casey and Lindsey Callinsky
Ron and Lore Christopher
Tom Cooney and Regina Calderon
Robert Cramer and Allen Simmons
Douglas Davault and Clark McDonald
Nancy and Philip Draper
Roger Ernst
Peggy Harkins and Rindert Schutten
Joan and John Harvey

Jeff and Stacey Keyser
Brandi and Dan Kyle
Michael Mase and Alan Winders
Janet V. Nacino
Eduardo Puelma
Steven Reinisch
Florence Rocks
Linda Scher and Mike Riley
Gary Sheldon and Doyle Forister
Kristina Sloggett and Jason Herrick
Michael Smira
Georgia and David Smith
Matthew Smith
Bob Speltz and Dwight Adkins
Jeff Stinebiser and Bob Baily
Jeffrey Tathwell and Don Brink
Katrina and Ted Wheeler
Michael Whitmore and Jared Carter
Brian Wyman and Todd Palumbo

$1,000 +

Anonymous (3)
David Adler M.D.
Sean and Blythe Alderman
David J. Anderson
Deborah Aoki
Art Avitia and Kevin McLeod
Karen and Craig Barton
Mike Bertish
Rhea Bishop
Tim and Mary Boyle Charitable Trust
Allan Brabo
Ryan Bradshaw and Brad Wulf
David Brady and Chris Giovarelli
Katie Breene and Scott Korn
Karen and Steve Buhaly
Thom Butts and Dominic Chevalier
Roxanne Cady
Steve and Adrienne Casey
Nancy Cobb
Darryl G. Conser
Robert Cowman and John Eichhorn
Bruce J. Cronin
Jacqueline Davais
Robert Eckert
George Eighmey and Peter Livingston
Paul Falby
Pam and Doug Fogg
Steve and Lisa Fogg
Marc Gaudin and Janet Leigh
Chris Greenaway
Gary Hammond and Gregg Gleasner
Calvin Harrison and Cal Sims
Sue Harvey
Robin and Robert Henderson
Linda Rae Hickey
Dale Hottle and Mat Clune
Jason Hyde and Arron Heriford
Doug Jacques
James Johnson
Michael Brock Jones
Liza Kamps
Leslie Kelleher

Dennis Laird and John Posey
John E. LaVeille and Jeff Payne
Dr. James Leggett, MD and Alba Orsi
James Lindquist and Eric Sandstrom
Deanna Lisoff
Janice Liu and Dave Lyons
John Lusk
Jeff Miller and Will Carter
Wayne Miya
Tawnie Nelson
Hillary and Brett Nicholson
Shauna Noah
Greer North
Michael Oard & Ron Attrell
Gloria Borg Olds and Mike Olds
Scott Phillips Fund of the Equity Foundation
Ron Polluconi and Tad Welch
Mike Potter
Ruthie and Dan Prasil
Suzanne Keller Prideaux
Jim Rapp
Foy Renfro and Mark Bradshaw
Nancy Rohde and Mark Adams
Stanley and Madelle Rosenfeld
Steve and Kelly Scott
Jerry Shover
David and Kristen Simmons
Tim and Cindy Sipe
Chris McDonald and Alex Stegner
Tyler TerMeer
Alex and Courtney Thurber
Brenda Tuley
Andrew Tweedie
Cory Tyler
Jerry Walker and Mary Jaeger
Lisa Watson and Peter Shanky
Dawn Webb
Claire and Ron Weber
Randall W. Welch and Tony Tennant
Laela Wilding and Todd McMurray
Brian Wilson
Sean Zimmermaker

Individual Donors

$500 +

Anonymous (5)
Lisa Aasheim
Sherry Adams and Dona Gaertner
Maureen Alexander
Nancy and Marcus Alley
Helen T. Antonis
William Apt and Grant Molsberry
Leon Livengood and Zachary Baker
MaryAnn and Phil Barnekoff
Kurt Beadell
Chris Bidwell and David Bocci
Nathan Bielas
Mike and Tina Blackwell
Michael Blackwell
Lisa Blakley
Pete and Sheila Botke
Wayland Bruns and Bradley Townsend
Stephanie Buth-Hall
Marcy Cady
Donna Cassidy
George Cerny and Jeff Johnmann
Pamela Church and Bud Bedell
Katharine Coakley
Jeremy Cochran
Bill Coffey and Charles Schomaker
Anne and Patrick Collier
Mona Cordell
Joanne Criscione
Joanna Culver and Jeffrey Schultz
Sally Dadmun-Bixby and Denny Bixby
Diane DeAutremont
Brandi and Kyle Delfosse
Dan DeMoy
Margaret Doherty
Michael Dollowitch and Steve Ash
Laura and Charles Douville
Doug Elwood and David Dotlich
Toya Fick

Doyle Forister and Gary Sheldon
Art Fortuna and Luisa Zini
Greg Franklin
Michael Fredrickson
Jim Galluzzo
Eric Garcia and CJ Grub
Lynette and David Gillrei
Mary and Chris Goldthorpe
Rosalie Goodman
Vickie Gray and Darin Briskman
Cody Gregg
Cheryl Griffith
Tom Gugg
Tasca Gulick
Menolly Hart
Don Hastler and Dan Bergsvik
Jimmi Hodges and Richard Ramirez
Stephanie Hooper
Gerald and Patricia Huntley
Scott Jeffries
Robert Kennedy and William Wishart
Dave Knox
Joe Koutney
Paul Krouss
Keith Kurtz
David Langton
Allison Leak
Michael and Bonnie Leiser
Marion Levitan
Heidi and Jeffrey Levy
Sandy and Jim Long
David Magilke and Butch E. Williams
David Maudlin and Bonni Morgan
Scott and Kathy McMullin
Julia Meier and David DiMetteo
Laurie and Gilbert Meigs
Jim and Hanmi Meyer
Kim Hutchins Millar and Family

Jared and Victoria Muirhead
Richard Nyman
Tony Ogden and Bill Poulos
Jim O'Reily and Gerry Bettendorf
David Page and Mike Mandich
Barkley Payne
Dustin Posner and Ron Doughten
DJ and Rick Putzier
John and Judy Rau
Jose Rivas
David Roberts and Samuel Jones
Nick Romo
Daniel Ryan
Jonathan Sachs and Susan Bakewell Sachs
Mike Sands and Jane Robinson
Lisa Sanman
Elwin Schwab
Brian P. Sikora
Carole Smith
Lee and Sandy Stapleton
Kristin Steele and Sam Swaim
Josh Stellmon
Pamela Tatom
Mary Jane Toepfer
Shannan and Michael Troyer
Angelo Turner
Darlene Tyler
Kerry and Becky Tymchuk
Michelle Unger
Mary and Ken Unkeles
Peter Vennewitz
Marie Vermeer
Jose Vithayathil and Tracie Mesa
Betsy Watkins
William Wells
Thomas and Kathryn Whittaker
Tracy Wolf-Paquin and Steve Paquin
Cathi Woodruff

$250 +

Anonymous (12)
Chris and Danielle Altavilla
Andrew and Liz Alvis
Sue Anderson
Marie Andrus
Phyllis Arnoff
Bill Baily
Patty and Scott Baird
Pat and Daniel Baker
Gwenn Baldwin
Michael Barry
Mary Jo and Jim Bartels
Tracy and Lane Barton
Rosie and Kim Batcheller
Susan and John Bates
Terrance O. and Kristin Baxter
Byron Beck and Juan Martinez
Tammy Beckley
Mike Blasberg and Storm Tharp
Tony Bosshardt
Richard Bradspies and Dore Everett
Elise Brickner-Schultz
Todd Van Brooks
Scott Buzik
Stephen Cassell
Ann Castro
Jonathan and Diana Cathey
Brian Caufield
Love Centerwall
Samantha Chess
Reuben Chong
Anne and Robert Chudek
Scott and Leslie Clement
Paul Cofer and David Olsgard
Michael Connolly and Neill Fishman
Cheryl and Jim Coon
Kent A. Copeland
Michael Costello
Stuart Cox and Richard Gerstl
Elaine Crittenden
Denise and Brendan Curti
Konnie Dadmun
Judy Dauble
Gwen Dayton and Dennis Shen
Sharlene DesRochers
Diana Dickinson and Jay Torborg
Kitty and Bud Dietrich
Richard and Katherine Dobbins
Joseph Doherty, LCSW, PC
Michael Dollowitch and Steve Ash
Anne E. Draper
Gwen Dunham
Barbara and Robert Edstrom
Jeff and Amanda Elliott
Alicia Ernest
Shirlee and Ron Fender
John and Veronica Ferenz
Sherri Fleming
Joan Fondell
Kristin Forcier

Tom and Donna Ford
Elizabeth Fox
Teena and Mike French
Ben Furr
Abby and John Furukawa
Gwyneth Gamble Booth
Susan Geisler
Emily Gilliland and Brenden Butler
Shawn and Katrina Goddard
Tom Griffin
Jimmy Grundman
Pamela Halstead
Peter Hammond and Frank Johnson
James Hamrick
Linda and Wallace E. Harding
Wayne E. Harris
Gayle and Mike Heffernan
Laura and Jacob Heilman
Shelley Henkle
Mary Ann Herman
Jean and Jim Hernandez
Ivan and Eduardo Holeman
Sandy and Stephen Holmes
Diane and Randy Homes
Albert Horn and Nancy Goodwin
C. Scott Howard and Lucy Kivel
Merrilee and Marty Howard
Lynnette Janes
Dennis Johnson and Steven Smith
Shirley and Don Johnson
Jerry and Sally Johnson
Debra K. Johnston
Nancy Jones
Rick K. Jung and David VanTassel
Pat and Joel Kaplan
John Kenagy
Peggy Kivel
Michael Knapp and Lia Saroyan
Alfred and Gwendolyn Larry
Kerby Lauderdale
Frank and Nancy Leone
Nancy Lin
John and Pat Maclean
Randy Mannen and Darryl Saunders
Sheryl and Gary Martel
Michael Marx and Don Marshall
Gregg Mayes
Arehn and Jim McCarty
Mary Lou and Millard McClung
Donna McElroy and Steven Maser
Kathy and Greg Melcher
Merry and John Melonas
Ruth and John Mepham
Carol Merlo
Dick and Ann Miller
Charles Milne
Michael and Lanelle Monje
Kelly Montoya
Kathy Morgan

Martin Muller
Catherine Needham
Glory Noethe
Darcy Norling
Ellen Nusblatt
Mary O'Connor and Gabe Schiminovich
Peggy and Jim Oliver
Elsa Ostergaard
Charlotte Owens
Gail and Fred Panzer
Adam Patterson
Kathy Perko
Jim Pettit
Steve and Joyce Poole
Ross Puterbaugh
Richard Putro
Harold Rains and Donald Falk
Laura and Martin Ramirez
Lyn and Ron Randall
Michael Razavi
Jim and Joanne Ruyle
Sarah Ryan and Douglas Larson
Kristen Salt
Robert Sanvitale
Elise Saporta
Jo Ann Schwartz
Richard Scott
Ethan Seltzer and Melanie Plaut
Melissa Shiffer
Barbara Short and Linda Wood
Leah Silber
Patrick and Cindy Smith
Brian Smith and Patrick Neckels
Cynthia Sparks and Daniel Dittmer
Cindy and Bill Stellmon
Carolyn Stokke
Yoko and Dwight Tanner
Marilee and Steve Tennet
Howard and Lois Tobin
Janine Twining and Lee Hamilton Shapley
Brad Van Allen and Carolyn Gazeley
Marc Van Patton
Carol and Dennis Warneke
Sandy Watson
Scott and Robin Way
Wendy Weaver
Rhia Weinhaus
M. Howard Weinstein
Tracy and Travis Whitmore
Amy Williams
Jane and Thomas Williams
DJ Wilson and Bill Hoadley
Patricia Winter
Jacqueline and Jacques Yerby
Patricia J. Young
Suzanne and Creig Zarling
Gregory Zerwekh

$100 +

Anonymous (8)
Nancy Adams
Jon Agee
Rebecca Alexander
Mariah Alford
Marg and Harry Anderton
Lisa Angeley
Cheryl and Harley Aoki
Ruth Aquino-Adam
Oscar Arana
Anselmo Arguelles-Alonso
Lorrie Arvin
Darren Bailey
Donna Baily
John and Patty Barrington
Kay Bateman
Yelena and James Bean
Martha Beaves
Peter and Susan Belluschi
Tony and Marty Belluschi
Bill and Nancy Bennetts
Patricia Bentley
Mark Bergman
Lane Bernier
Ron and Kara Bertolucci
Gina Bevill
Sharon Bierut
Ron Bloodworth and Bob Gandolfi
David Boardman
Tawnia Boehmer
Maggie Bolger
James Boone and Joseph Bucuzzo
Russ Borgnin
Buzz Braley
Christine and Larry Breshears
Ross Bridge
Donna Brown
Nathan Buck and Gus Ohman
Dick Burdon
Shane Butcher
Robert C. Byrne
Linda Campbell
Jonathan Carder and Monique Baillargeon
Bob Carlson
Dena Carvell
Jacqueline Chandler
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Chialastri
Sandra K. Clark
Jacqueline Clemens
Thandi Clements
Miguel Cobian
Dr. Kate Commerford
Brad Cromer
Dana Crosby and Dominic Marino
George Cummings
Greg Danielson
Sang Dao
Michael Davidson and Patricia Johnson
Joy and Brian D. Davis
Karri Delacosta
Joan Deroko
Martha and Dean Dibblee
Aleta Doerr
Margaret Doherty
Bruce Doreen
Cheryl Dorman
Steve Dotterrer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Douglass
Lee Drucker and Judith Pullian
Barbara Dunn
Sharon and Joe Durant
David E. Durham
Michael Duvall
Irene Dynes
Jonathan Ebbing
June and Rob Edwards
Marie Eighmey
John and Jane Emrick
Dominique Estlund
Davis Evans and Stephen Freimuth
Toya Fick
Yasuko and Ray Fields
Kathleen Fisher
Patricia A. Fleck
Gerald Fox
Randy and Barbara Fraser
Amy Frey and Josh Leslie
Bill Fry and Darryl Sanchez
Cynthia Fuhrman
Barbara and Michael Gaines
Edward and Ann Galen
Wendy and Keith Gerr
Jonathan and Jill Gifford
Linda Ginenthal
Debora Goldstein
Mary and Chris Goldthorpe
Joanne and George Gornick
Gina Granato
Ken Guappone and Gary Wilson
Jeffrey Gumer
Garret Hade

Tonya Hall
Lloyd Hammel
Alyssa and Michael Hanada
James Harter and Ken Salaman
Amelie Hastie
Ralph Hawkins
Kelly and Susannah Hayler
Marion Heestand and Julia Williams
Anna Hemphill
Kate and Will Henson
Meghan Hess
Shannon Hills
Rachel Hitchcock
Susan Hobbel and Lindsay Blodgett
Marcus Hoffman
Katherine Holder
Jane Holmes
Larry Hornick
Brooke Hunter
Bob and Cecelia Huntington
Trond Ingvaldsen and Catherine Rhoades-Ingvaldsen
Megan Iwami
Andy and Bruce Jamison-LeGere
Jennifer Jecmen
John Jendritza
Joanne Jene
Martin Jewell
Mark and Theresa Jones
Julie Jorgensen
Robert, Kathleen and Zach Joy
David and Ann Kafoury
Peter and Devlyn Keith
Ed Kietzman
Jake Kindrachuck
Bernard and Susan Kliks
Heidi Koenigsmann
Stef-Anie and Jamie
Kevin Kraus
Andrea Krol
Ahnyah and John Krummenacker
Melissa and Mike Krzeminski
Paul Lambertsen
Kathy Langeliers
Kayleen Lansing
Sissy Lawty
Grace LeBlanc
Betty Jean Lee
Gary Leff
Cobi and Adrian Lewis
Dennis and Sandra Leybold
Steven Lien and Larry Laughead
George Lin
Barbara and Chris Linn
Dennis Lo
Dave Lofland and Zach Stepp
James Lowry
Laurie Lundy-Ekman and Andrew Ekman
Tami Mackay
Christine Mackert
Monteith Macoubrie
John Madison
Kenneth and Susan Malubay
Elaine and Scott Manley
Elizabeth and Richard Marantz
Deborah Maria
Sharon Maroney and Daniel Murphy
Rick Martson
Michelle McKenzie
Deb Meiser
Curtis M. Meyers
Sharon Miadich
Jim Miller
Jody Miller
Bob and Diana Mitchell
Stephen Montecucco
Jacob Morrow
Sara Morton and Alex Millkey
Billie Moser
Tracy and Rick Nagore
Melissa Navas
Cathy and Tom Nelson
David and Ranata Niederloh
Gordon and Lisa Nielsen
Linda Nordquist
Ted Norton and David Lacka
Siobhan O'Halloran
Doug Orloff and Jim Tuchschmidt
Chet Orloff
Wendy Orloff
Susan Pahl
Nancy Park
William Patton
Michael Payne
Joe Peacock
Linda Pedersen
Laura Pedro and Mike Smith
Gale Perlas
Clinton Peterson

David Pierce
Gerard and Virginia Plank
Milton Ploeg
Tori and Charles Pontrelli
Dee Poujade
Judith Ranton
Doris Rasmusen
Beth and Martin Reeves
Dr. Michael C. Regan
Annette Ripplinger and Sam Martindale
David Robboy
Ross R. Roppe
Richard and Mary Rosenberg Charitable Foundation
Molly and Jon Ruscoe
Martine Sacks
Riikka Salonen
Krist Sandness
Liz and Skip Sarles
John Sarr
Barb Schaumberg
Dan Scheinman
Kurt and Marcia Schekel
Douglas Schoen and Janna Pfeifle
Rachel and Miles Schoening
Jason T. Scott
Kennon Scott
Jeff Selby
Ken Shafer
Barry Shapiro
Nancy and Larry Sheeley
Ruth Shelly
Kimberlee Sheng
Karen Shipman
Martin Short
Robyn and Kemp Shuey
Elaine Sibley
Kristine Simpson
Ginger Skinner
Dave and Julie Slack
Mark Solon and Don Tankersley
Lisa Sorenson
Lyle Spiesschaert
Joyce St. Arnaud and Joel Kay
Rhea Stadick and Alan Blood
Sallye Stauber
Paul Stegner
Randall Stenquist
Kizzy Stepanich and Julio Appling
Kevin Stokes and Gabrielle Sasse
Naomi and Eric Suhler
Dennis Sutton
Mary and Ernie Swartz
Summer Sweet
Leah Swetnam
Gary Taliaferro
Karin and Andre Taylor
Nikhil and Hoa Thayer
Curtis Thomas and David Carroll
Amie Thomas
Randi Thomas
Taylor and Sara Beth Thomason
Ty Thompson
Michael Tierney
John and Margaret Toppel
Pamela L. Trezevant
Kath and Jim Trierweiler
Bill Tritt and John Fread
Herbert Trubo and Steve Buchert
Jerry Trussell and Craig W. Cole
Donald Truxillo and Chip Long
Tom Unger
Steve and Megan Urban
Patty Urbanick
Daniel Valdez and Bryan Pirrello
James Van Dyke and Carl Creasey
Ruth Van Dyke
Kay Van Patten
Kay Van Valhenburg
Tia Vanich
Janet and Peter Vanoni
Beverly Voytko
Charles Washington and Quan Tran
Cicely Waters
Scott Weaver and Curvin Carbaugh
Brian and Nikki Weaver
Dale and Jacqueline Webster
Joe Wedding and Kathy Bryant
Candace White
Peggy Wier
Daryl Winand and Michael Robillard
Janet Wizer
Mr. and Mrs. Wolf
Concetta and Scott Wolff
Amelia Wood
Sarah Wortman
Marlena Wray
Sierra Wright Groetzinger
Patti Yeager

Under $100

Anonymous (14)
R Craig Ackerson and Lisa Lieberman
Tabitha Alajmi
Brian Allbritton
Clayton Allen and Michael Tarro
Joshua Allen
Tarn Allen
Mariam Al-Shawaf and Ben Nelson
Barbara Anderman
Joseph Andrulewicz
Jeb Baldridge
Michael Barnes
Stephen Baugh
Allison and Bob Belcher
Howie Bierbaum
Jennifer Bildersee and Jay Anderson
Matthew and Karen Bissonette
Louise and Kay Blase
Jaclyn L. Bloom
Aislyn Booth
Hannah Borel
Mildred Bourgo and Patricia Adams
Gretchen Bradley
Theresa Braunstein
Kerkyra Brock
Lana Brown
Ernestine Brown
Vicki Brown
Alaina Buller
Anita Butler SP
Maria and Steven Cahill
Ellen Cantwell
Amy and Michael Caplan
Ursula and Egon Carstensen
Erin Carver
Frontis Chandler
Lynne and David Chapman
Eliza Cheitlin
Tom Cherry
Brian Chow
Evan Christopher
Sarah Alexandra Cole
Erica Renee Colon
Nicole Converse
Alexe A. Cooney
Maurice Cooper
Richard Corbeil
Betty Jo Cornelison
Candi Cornils
Kevan Cornwell
Bucky Craft
Michelle Craig
Janet and Bill Craswell
Sarah Crisp
Peggy and Armin Dahms
Amanda Davenport
Teni Davoudian
Fabian DeGarbo
Kristin Del Balzo
Charlotte Dietterich
Rob and Raelyn Dolton
Dennis Drapiza
Cindy Eldkrona
Cecelia Erdman
Jean Eves
Sarah Felix and Sue Fry
Margaret Feller
Paul Finlay
Kara Ford
Randi Freeny
Kevin Freidel
Sarah and Roger Friedel
Janice Friedli
Mary Gardner
Amanda Garrison
Brian Garrison
Debbi and Hassan Gazarine
Jonah Geddes
Christopher Ghormley

Susan Giacomelli
Joel Glick and Emily Polanshek
Kevin Goad
Jennifer and Tim Goldsmith
Aaron Goodwin
Rachel Greenough and Morgan Whitney
Michael Griggs
Donna Hammar
Whitney Hampson and Whitney Streed
Fred and Amelia Hard
William Hathaway and Elizabeth Hathaway
Aja Hicks
Elizabeth Hill
Michelle Hiltner and Bryan Hiltner
Jeryl Hocken
Samantha Holland
Jeri and Tony Holt
Matthew Hope
Lisa Horowitz
Daniel Horowitz
Sheryl Horwitz
Lori Howk
Eric and Jessica Hunter
Katherine M. Hutson
Douglas Ingraham
Carol Iyer
Frank J. Jefferson
Sean Jenkins
Ray E. Johnson
DeVida A. Johnson
Savannah Jones
Chai Josie
Wendy Juden
Jason and Anthea Karl
Frederick Karl
Corey Kaster
Liz Kay
Amanda Keasberry
Carolyn Kelly
Judge Kemp and Eric Schnell
Jeanne Kennedy
Alissa and Neal Keny-Guyer
J Kleinstein
Michael Kofford
Sharon and Eric Krask
Fallon Kraxberger
Matthew Lashua
Susan Lee-Allen
KJ Lewis
Wendy Lichtenbaum
Robin and Michael Linquist
David Lippman and Alicia Pekema
Brian Lockhart and Julia Fetzer
Joyce and Stan Loeb
Frances Lynch
Chon Madrigal
Beau Madsen
Eloise Mark
Anna Marti
Wendi Maxwell
Shelly McFarland
Devon McFarland
Nancy and Martin McLain
Anne McLaughlin
Meara McLaughlin and Philip Graham
Patricia McManus and Richard Miselis
Tim McNichol and Anne Egan
Kenneth Mehr and Ryna Mehr
Rebecca Mendez and Mark Evans
Andrew Meng
Cheryl Miller and Michael Miller
Jackie Moffenbier
James and Cynthia Mooney
Dian and Jack Morby
Dolores Morgan
Nancy and Art Moss
Karen Munro and Amanda Morgan

Kathleen Myers
Nicole Narong
Kristie and Mark Neshyba
Natalie Neshyba
Jody Neubert
Norm Nevers
Carol Tova Newman
Ingrid Nylen and Mark Meininger
Kelly O'Keefe
Patricia O'Shea
Molly Ozier
Gretchen Paletta
Marilyn Paradis
Catherine and Daniel Park
Beckie Parket
Sara E. Perry
Richard and Marilyn Petersen
Gregory Petras and Sharon Gordon
Krista Pettis
Benjamin Pinkowitz
Kyle Pinniger
Cameron Poole
Sandra Post
Dana Pratt
Phyllis J. Ray
Lindsay Reed
Erin Reid
Teddy Rhoads
Linda Rickert
David and Susan Riley
Nathan Rodman and Mitchell Sherman
Terence Rokop
William and Sandi Rosen
Isadora Roth
Isaac and Melanie Samsa
Alex Sanchez
Lizzy Scheibel
Laurel and Philip Schmidt
Matt James Schmutzler
Mick Servoss
Kristin Springer
Richard and Lynette Sproul
Shauna Lee Stevenson
Sierra Stringfield
Bill Sullivan
Corren K Sutton
Dawn Tate
Annie Tate
Randall Tendick
Eric Tengs
Jamie Thayer
Margaret Thomson
Roey Thorpe
Grant and Sandra Thurston
Dodie Tombleson
Caitlin Toohey
Elise Trieu
Angela Turner
Hester van Heemstra
Amber Varner
Larry and Linda Veltman
Debra vonRohr
Cat Wade
Sheila Walty
Stephanie Weber
Penny Welty
Bill Westervelt
Lee Wheeler
Patrick Wilcox
Rose Mary Wilson
Courtney Withycombe
James Wood
Lauralee J. Woods
Alisha Woolmington-Smith
Lonnie and Linda Wright
Rick Yagle and Wayne Delk
Kong Yan
Jason Yee
Rob Zeiser and Butchy Janik
Stephanie Zito

Partners, Corporations & Organizations

Public Sources

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
State of Oregon Dept. of Human Services
State of Oregon Dept. of Human Services Innovation Grant



Community Partners/In-kind Food Donations

Bob’s Red Mill
Campbell Community Gardens
Fred Meyer Happy Valley
New Seasons Market Hawthorne
New Seasons Market Mountain Park

Open Ground Community Gardens
Providence Milwaukie Hospital
Sheriffs Garden
Whole Foods Laurelhurst

$25,000 +

The Collins Foundation
Michael Allen’s Clothier

Providence Health & Services
The Standard
Wells Fargo

$10,000 +

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc.
Ed Cauduro Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
The Donald N. McGregor Foundation

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Nordstrom, Inc.
Vibrant Table Catering & Events

$5,000 +

Autzen Foundation
Cascade AIDS Project
Janssen Products, LP
KeyBank of Oregon
Kroger Co. Foundation
Morel Ink

OHSU Foundation
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Rothert Insurance
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Tonkin Family of Dealerships
Wheeler Foundation

$2,500 +

Alaska Airlines
Global Incentive Group
The Jackson Foundation
NIKE Employee Matching Gift Program
NIKE, Inc. Community Affairs

Oneatta Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Food Bank
PGE Foundation
Portland Trail Blazers
Ruby Red Flippers
Stoller Family Estate

$1,000 +

Anonymous (2)
Artistic Bliss Portraits
Avalon Flowers
Blackout Leather Productions
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods World Headquarters
Chehalem Winery
Columbia Bank
Equity Foundation
The Fairmont Orchid
Famiglia LLC
Faubion Associates
Fresh Faces RX
Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon

Intel Corporation
KGW Media Group
Magaurn Video Media
Michael Coyne Design
The Oregon Bears
The Pines 1852
Portland Center Stage
Portland Japanese Garden
Tito's Handmade Vodka
Travel Portland
Vintners Cellars of Oregon, LLC
Wieden + Kennedy
Willamette International Travel

$500 +

An Xuyen Bakery Inc.
Bling Dental
Buffalo Exchange
The Development LTD
Devil's Food Catering
Elk Cove Vineyards
Embassy Suites Portland Downtown
Eyes on Broadway
Floor Solutions, LLC
Gold Door Jewelry & Art
The Heathman Hotel
Hobo's Restaurant & Lounge
IBM International Foundation
Kroger Community Rewards
Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront

McMenamins Pubs, Breweries and Historic Hotels
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Mission of the Atonement Church
Nicholas Restaurant - Gresham
On Stage
One Way Street LLC
Oregon Ballet Theatre
Pacific Power Foundation
Paradisus Palma Real
Portland Leather Alliance
Portland Saturday Market
Pride Financial Partners
The Sweethearts of Portland
Urban Pacific Real Estate LLC
Whole Foods Market
Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.

Under $500

Aalto Lounge
All Hands Raised
Aloft Hotel
Amanda Blakley Skincare
Amazon Smile Foundation
AniChe Cellars
Anne Amie Vineyards
Apex Pharmacy
Artists Repertory Theatre
As Good As It Gets Custom Catering
Beary Clean
Benefit Auctions 360
Bespoke Salon
Bit House Saloon
Boda's Kitchen
Bollywood Theater
The Box Social
Brewed Awakenings
Broadway Rose Theatre Company
Burnt Bridge Cellars
Campbell Salgado Studio
Cheese and Crack Snack Shop
Christ United Methodist Women
Class Cooking
Coopers Hall
Costco Wholesale Corp.
Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Double Mountain Brewery
DoubleTree Portland
Eastside Custom Upholstery Co.
Elena Rose Photography
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Escape Games PDX
Evans and Hubbard Attorneys at Law
Falling Sky Brewing
FamilyCare, Inc.
Fingers and Toes by Tamara
Flashback Photography PDX
Floyd B Case, Inc.
Fluff Love Sewing
Ford Food and Drink
Garden Bar
Ghosts Like Us/PMG Music LLC
Grand Central Restaurant and Bowling Lounge
H&B Jewelry and Loan Co.
Hawks PDX
Helioterra Wines
Heritage Distilling Co.
Hilton Portland & Executive Tower
Holiday Inn Portland Airport
Hollywood Theatre
House Spirits Distillery
Hunt & Gather Catering
Infinity Images
Inn at Cannon Beach
International School of Beaverton
Jackson Family Wines
Jam on Hawthorne
Jupiter Hotel
Kimpton Riverplace Hotel
Kohnstamm Family Foundation
Kombucha Wonder Drink

Lan Su Chinese Garden
Laurelhurst Market
Lenora's Ballroom
Let's Kick Ass Portland
Liberty Mutual Foundation
LiveWire Radio
Lompoc Brewing LLC
Luce Restaurant
Mark Spencer Hotel
Maryhill Museum of Art
Maryhill Winery
Meyer Memorial Trust
Montgomery Distillery
Morning Glory Cafe
Mother's Bistro & Bar
New Deal Distillery
New York Giants
Ninkasi Brewing Co.
Noble Coffee Roasting
NYS Dept of Public Service
One Eighty
Oregon Bach Festival
Oregon Children's Theatre
Oregon Historical Society
Peerless Estate Sales
Pfriem Family Brewers
Pips and Bounce
Popina Swimwear
Portland Art Museum
Portland Children's Museum
Portland Gay Men's Chorus
Portland General Electric/WPG
Portland Playhouse
Portland's Culinary Workshop
Purple Cow Vineyards
Q Center
Quest Center for Integrative Health
Regal Cinemas
Reynolds Optical Co.
Rose City Softball Association
Siren Theater
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Sunriver Brewing Co.
Teal Flamingo
Tender Loving Empire
ThinkShout, Inc.
Third Rail Repertory Theatre
Tin Shed Garden Cafe
Tom Dwyer Automotive Service, Inc.
Toro Bravo, Inc.
Twist Wine Company
United Way of the Columbia Willamette
Until There's A Cure Foundation
Urbaca Salon
Vault Martini
Voicebox Karaoke Lounge
Weisinger Family Winery
Western Equities
White Bird
Wild Roots Vodka
Wilshire United Methodist Women
World Forestry Center

Board of Directors

Bob Speltz

Brian Wilson

Paul Gaden

Robert Lusk, M.D.
Medical Director

Ryan Bradshaw

Robin Castro
Tracy Curtis
Gwen Dayton
John Halseth

Casey Lucas
Gregg Macy
Laura Pedro
Jose Rivas

Nancy Sellers
Andrew Tweedie
Charles Washington
Laela Wilding

Council of Trustees

Pam Fogg
Carolyn Lumber
Governor Barbara Roberts

Steve Fogg
Gary Maffei

Emeritus board

Leonard Shapiro
Caron Kushner
Douglas Schoen
Barbara Dunn
Rick Watkins

Les Lewis
Steven R. Reinisch
Minh Tran
Marc Walters
Celia Lyon

Legacy Society

Legacy Society members support the growing needs of people living with HIV in our community by including Our House in your estate planning.

Anonymous (2)
Sherry Adams and Dona Gaertner
Kurt Beadell
Terry Bean
Tricia Bergman
N. Lane Bernier
Sally Dadmun Bixby and Denny Bixby
Steve Bloom and Michael Blankenship
James Bomay and Donald Hartwig
Allan Brabo
Richard Bradspies
Allen Brady
Wayland Bruns and Bradley Townsend
Darryl Conser
Stuart Cox and Richard Gerstl
Rita Del Rey
Rob Eckert In Memory of Phil J. Owen
Pam and Doug Fogg
Charles Frasier and Rick Taylor
John Fritz
Jim Grogan

Ross Headman
Larry Hobnet
Allan Karsk and Keith Bergland
James Lindquist and Eric Sandstrom
Robert Lusk and Christopher Bailey
Gregg Macy and Eric Steinhauser
Gary Maffei and Marc Lintner
Michael Mase and Alan Winders
Rex Mitchell
Wayne Miya
Gary Nelson and Minh Tran
Kent Rudisill
Scott Sarver
Nancy Sellers
Leonard and Elayne Shapiro
Kathryn Siebert
Georgia and David Smith
Robert Trotman and Bill Hetzelson
Kay Van Patten
Marc Walters
Jeff Wiles and Susan Ayers

Statement of Financial Position


Cash $223,383
Operating Reserves $1,128,458
Receivables, net $169,104
Pledges Receivables, net $55,126
Deferred Grants Receivable $877,997
Other Assets $52,092
Property and Equipment
(net accumulated depreciation)
Total Assets $5,022,466


Accounts Payable $31,580
Accrued Payroll Liabilities $141,333
Deferred Grants Revenue $887,997
Other Current Liabilities ---
Total Liabilities $1,060,910

Net Assets

Unrestricted $3,961,254
Temporarily restricted $302
Total Net Assets $3,961,556
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $5,022,466
Funding Sources chart

Statement of Activity


Resident Service Revenue $1,442,682
NHCP Revenue $443,732
Contributions, Grants & Events $1,571,782
Investment Gain $74,553
Other Revenue $16,638
Total Revenue $3,549,387


Resident Care $1,783,981
NHCP/Community Services $961,537
Administrative Services $180,729
Fundraising $518,931
Loss on Disposal of Assets $526
Total Expenses $3,445,704
Net Gain $103,683


Esther’s Pantry

Esther’s Pantry provides supplemental food and personal care items to people living with HIV. A vital community program, Esther’s Pantry has served thousands of people over its 30-year history. Much of the food we receive at Esther’s Pantry comes from local grocery stores and community food drives. Donations received through our drop sites go directly to individuals and families in our community who are living with HIV.

Neighborhood Housing & Care Program (NHCP)

NHCP provides housing and in-home services including nursing, social work and occupational therapy to people living with HIV. Created by the Our House team, this program supports and encourages independent living in a safe, stable and healthy environment.

Our House

Since 1988, Our House has provided residential care services for people with HIV. Often residents regain their health and become independent enough to be discharged. Residents work with skilled professionals in nursing, social work and occupational therapy. Although we do provide end of life care, our services have been expanded to continue to meet the ever changing needs of people living longer with HIV.

Tod’s Corner

Tod’s Corner provides clothing and household items to people living with HIV. Additional services include basic veterinary care for companion pets, medical equipment, cremations, and other case-by-case needs.

Our House Staff

Troy Alexander
Crystal Barber
Kay Bateman
Brent Blackwell
Allen Brady
Marijke Cadenelli
Roxanne Cady
Ann Chatterton
Samantha Chess
Athena Dorey
Gwen Dunham
Ben Emlaw
Brandon Eno
Kristy Fleming
Kathy Freitas
Marcia Hardy
Sarah Howard
Sam Hurley
Kim Hutchinson
Trevis Hutsell

Jonathan Irwin
Janel Jarosz
Rian Johnson
Dana Kinney
Lori-Ann Lima
James Lindquist
Steven Lofton
Elaine Manley
Elizabeth Martin
Lucas May
Chris McDonald
Wayne McRobert
Sara Miller
Dorothy Moose
Jereme Nickell
Jessica Oleksy
Alicia Opatrny
John Oules
Tim Parsons
Pam Pavilonis
Christine Pluff

Margaret Presley
Yvonne Restrepo-Kelley
Rebecca Rhodes
A Riley
Kristin Riley
Lynsley Rollins
Miranda Rossetto
Virginia Scott
TJ Scott Merrion
Nancy Sellers
Kathryn Siebert
Kristin Jo Siess
Jane Spencer
Deborah Steinkopf
Yoko Tanner
Pol Tantiwanon
Missy Townsend
Jill Vaughn
Nicole Villegas
Kenisha Wilson
Todd Yates


George Allan
Mark Allen
Caroline Allison
Mariam Al-Shawaf
Heidi Anderson
Ruth Aquino-Adam
Kip Aszman
Art Avitia
Bob Baily
Joanne Barham
Robert Barham
Anna Barnett
Laura Bauer
Kristen Bebell
Josh Behr
Keith Behr
Lisa Benson, LMT
Tricia Bergman
Mike Bertish
Kara Bertolucci
Chris Bidwell
Jose Bithayathil
Alexis A. Blackwell-Besse
Lisa Blakley
Mike Blasberg
Jaclyn L. Bloom
Allison Blythe
JoAnne Bodin
Victor Boomer-Jenks
Kate Bowman
Beth Bown
Nathan Boyett
Ryan Bradshaw
Richard Bradspies
Robby Bricker'Voyles
Linda J. Brown
Michael A. Brown
Damon Browning
Shane Bullock
Robert Burnett
Scott Buzik
Roxanne Cady
Patrick Campbell
Stephen Cassell
Robin Castro
Evan Christopher
Robert J. Cimiluca
Patricia A. Clemens
Craig W. Cole
Schlifka Collier
Karol Collymore
Bucky Craft
Bob Cramer
Ed Cunningham
Tracy Curtis
Henry Damm
Greg Danielson
Gwen Dayton
Rachel Debely
Brandi Delfosse
Raelyn Dieter
Liz Dove
Mackenzie Doyle
Carey Drumright
Lori Eberly
Valerie Ebinger
Blake Ellis
Davis Evans
Dore Everett
Daniel Fern
Paul Finlay
Kathleen Fisher
Pam Fogg
Emily Ford
Barbara Ford
Ashlee Fox
Amy Frey
John Fritz
Eric Fuller
Gabriel Gabreski
Paul Gaden
Sally Gibson
Steve Glauser
Debora Goldstein
Gregory Gourdet
Gene Gumz
John Halseth
Jo Hamilton

Gary Hammond
James Hamrick
Vicky Hanson
Menolly Hart
Sue Harvey
Joan Harvey
Charlotte Harvey
Ursula Hauser
Ralph Hawkins
Kelly Hayler
Gayle Heffernan
Mike Heffernan
Thach Hoang
Andrew Hoffman
Curtis Hoffman
Debbie Holgate
Renee Holzman
Dale Hottle
Kenneth A. Hull
Perry Jackman
James Jackman
Doug Jacques
Damian Janke
Zina Jenny
Gregg Johansen
Jacob Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Robert “RK” Kennedy
Patrick Kinney
Thanh Knudson
Alan Koch
Kyla Kuhnlein
Keith Kurtz
Tim Laib
John E. LaVeille
Amanda Laycock
Robert Lee
Gerald J. Lesmeister
Diane Lieppman
Janice Liu
Joyce Liu
Casey Lucas
John Lusk
Robert Lusk
Heidi Maas
Gregg Macy
Chon Madrigal
Michael Mase
Umut Matkap
Suzanne Mattox
Mark Mauboules
Joanne Maurice
Michael May
Ashley McClellan
Nora McLaughlin
Neeta McLean
Todd McMurray
Ryka Melnyczenko
Julia Mendelson
Tracy Mesa
Mieka Meshorer
Connie Michael
Justin Miles
Metrah Mohammad
Ruben Moreno
Patricia Morgan
Cinnamon Morrow
Erika Mueller
Paul Newton
Tabina Nguyen
Jeanne Niemer
Shauna Noah
Philip O'Connor
Janelle O'Gara
Michael O'Gara
Hannah Orloff
Tim Oxendahl
William Palmer
Gail Panzer
Anna Parker
Adam Patterson
John Paulk
Laura Pedro
Ron Polluconi
Troy Preble
John Radnak
Michael Razavi
Robin Resnick

2016-17 Volunteer Hours



We LVE our volunteers.

Justin Riel
Jose Rivas
Martha Rosen
Annette Sanders
April Hughes-Sanders
Barb Schaumberg
Marta Schenck
Miles Schoening
Rachel Schoening
Nancy Sellers
Barry Shapiro
Chris Shauinger
Darlene Shaw
Gary Sheldon
Keegan Shepherd
Allen Simmons
Tim and Cindy Sipe
Jeffrey Smith
Teresa Song
Gary Speasl
Bob Speltz
Rhonda Spencer
Don Spiegel
Peter St. George
Matt Steele
Kristin Steele
Kay Steffen
Kizzy Stepanich
Michael Stewart
Kevin Stokes
Valerie Strickland
Leigh Stringari
Michael Stuart
Jenny Sunderland
Heidi Sunderman
Randall Szabo
Tamara Telles
Curtis Thomas
Margaret Thomson
Zach Thornhill
Stefanie Thune
Dwayne Thurnau
Jason Tom
Shannan Troyer
Andrew Tweedie
Danielle Van Hoeven
Linda Veltman
Cole R. Vliet-Sutten
Hon Walker
Kate Ward
Todd Warlik
Charles Washington
Sean Waters
Lisa Watson
Marc Weaver
Wendy Weaver
Jackie Welch
Steven Welch
Valerie Wernet
Jen Wetteland
Barbara Wheeler
Laela Wilding
Brian Wilson
Alan Winders
Annie Wood
Brian Wyman
Roger Yerke
Laura Zahm
Rached Zeghlache

Therapy Dogs
Rita Tucker