Vision Statement


Our House inspires people with HIV to LIVE WELL.



Mission Statement


Our House provides integrated health and housing services to people with HIV/AIDS.  Guided by compassion, collaboration, and respect, we provide 24-hour specialized care, supportive services, and independent housing with support services.

Core Values


Compassion for those most in need was the reason we founded Our House and it continues to be our guiding value.


Collaboration at Our House builds relationships by sharing resources and expertise in the community to serve our clients.


Our House Respects the dignity, spirit, worth, needs and rights of everyone we touch.


Our House maintains a Resourceful staff, stable finances, and effective programs through innovative and responsive action.


Our House Empowers clients to optimize the quality of life in a safe and accepting environment.

Our House Philosophy of Care


The Our House Philosophy of Care applies the strategies of Harm Reduction, Self-Determination, Compassionate Communication within the power of community.  The combined disciplines of Social Work and Nursing work closely together with residents on goals to improve their quality of life.  Each individual’s voice, perspective, and steps toward their journey of health and wellness are valued.

We use Harm Reduction as a framework to approach harmful behaviors. The strategies involve partnering with the resident/client to evaluate the pros and cons of use and harm and how this fits in with the client’s definition of living well. 

Our House facilitates clients to be self-reliant, independent and define their own wellness. The concept of Self-Determination is used to provide client-centered care and empower residents to be part of the decision making process.

Using the practice of Compassionate Communication helps us to develop a therapeutic rapport fostering respect, empathy, and connection through understanding the needs of ourselves and others.

We work together to create a sense of belonging and meaningful purpose for each resident and client in a safe and stigma-free Community. Clients and residents are invited on outings, exercise groups and parties to celebrate ownership and to reinforce each person’s value in the community.