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Are you looking for a way to get involved with community service and volunteerism?


Whether you’re an individual or an organization, consider “adopting” Esther’s Pantry & Tod’s Corner by collecting donations for a week(s). Due to COVID-19, we have released the HIV prerequisite on Esther’s Pantry and are currently seeing three times the amount of clients we normally would. Having the support of our dedicated community is more important than ever. 

How it works

  1. Decide if you will be collecting donations as an individual, or as a workplace.

  2. identify a one-to-four-week period in which you will be collecting donations and spreading the word within your networks (neighborhood, office, family, Facebook friends, etc.). 

  3. Fill out the attached form and send to

  4. Start collecting donations for Esther’s Pantry & Tod’s Corner.

  5. Drop off the contribution at Esther’s Pantry on your predetermined, designated day! 

Ideas for how to participate*

  • Get your neighborhood involved – Spread the word with your neighbors to collect food individually, then gather on a specific day to organize and deliver!

  • Collect items at work – Invite your coworkers to participate by bringing items into work andmdropping off in a designated area (we even have barrels you can borrow)! 

  • Go digital – Spread the word and invite your friends to participate on social media; use your home as a drop-off spot, then gather a couple of friends and bring them by the pantry!  

*Please follow health and safety guidelines; please always practice social distancing and wear a mask.​

Workplace or Corporate Supporters

  • Bring your masks and stay socially distanced - we will feature your team’s drop-off day on our  social media and tag your company.

  • We can also help organize volunteer days for individuals from your organization. If your company offers Voluntary Time Off hours, we are happy to work with you on organizing the details around that.

Can we come volunteer in person as a team?


Unfortunately, due to necessary social distancing, we cannot accommodate group volunteer days at this time. However, we are in need of individual volunteers at both Esther’s Pantry and Tod’s Corner and would be able to work with you to identify days that could accommodate 1-2 additional volunteers at each program. Our shifts are during the week, Monday-Friday, during traditional business hours so they are great options for people who have Voluntary Time Off hours available through their workplace. 

Where is Esther’s Pantry & Tod’s Corner located?


Esther’s Pantry is located at 10202 SE 32nd Ave, Suites 601 & 502 in Milwaukie, OR. We ask that right now, due to the high volume of clients we are seeing, you only visit during your designated donation drop-off time slot. 


If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to our  volunteer team at  


Thank you so much for thinking of Our House HIV Services in your search for volunteer opportunities! 


Volunteers of Esther's Photo Collage
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